Truffle Shuffle

October 27, 2009 Ella

If you are a child of the eighties you no doubt watched The Goonies during many a sleep over.  Perhaps you even recall the little known Octopus scene.  If not you can find it on the deleted scene section of the DVD.  Anyone can agree that the truffle shuffle just might be the funniest part of this movie. 

Perhaps you are a child of an earlier decade?

In terms of actual truffles…well there are a couple different things to think about them in terms of food.  Of course when it comes to this blog you know I, when referring to truffles am talking chocolate confections, but truffles are actually…fungus.  

Real truffles are in the mushroom family, there are hundreds of different species and they typical grow underground on the roots of trees.  They are somewhat difficult to harvest therefore they are really expensive, in fact they are hard to find and many times both trained dogs and pigs are used to locate large growths of truffles.

Okay I’ll stop talking about fungus.  The only relationship the fungus share with the dessert is the name.  The chocolate confection were named truffles because of their resemblence to the lumps (truffle comes from the latin word for “lumps”) of fungus covered with dirt. DSCN0741

Here are a couple of recipes for truffles.  They can be covered with chopped nuts, carmel, cocao powder etc. And they are relatively easy to make.

This recipe is from The Taste of Home Cookbook

Double Chocolate Truffles 

1  1/3c semisweet chocolate chips

1/3 c heavy whipping cream

3 tb butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup white chocolate chips

2 tb shortening

1 cup milk chocolate chips


Warm heavy cream and butter in a double boiler with semisweet chocolate chips.  Add vanilla and stir until blended.  Refridgerate until almost solid. Shape into 1/2″ balls.  Melt white chocolate in double boiler or microwave with shortening.  Dip truffles in white chocolate and set on wax paper.  Melt remaining tablespoon of shortening and milk chocolate and dip truffles again allowing them to set on wax paper. 


Now my white chocolate just wasn’t cooperating the way I wanted.  Underneath the milk chocolate is white chocolate.  Either dip the truffles carefully with your hands or try as I did to do it with a tooth pick.  Either way this cooling rack was the best way to get them to set.  

Get fancy with it?  Sure!! I put some melted white chocolate in a pastry bag.  Cut the smallest of holes in the end or use piping tip number 1 and drizzled it.  Make sure you have a nice thin syrupy consistency else your drizzle will look more like shoelaces…like mine do.


This recipe I got from the show Good Eats. Boy do I love that show!  Check out clips of it on 

10 oz. semi sweet chocolate

3 TB butter

1/2 c heavy cream

1 TB corn syrup

1/4 c brandy (I used cherry kirsch, because thats what I had, and now think about all the different flavors of alcohol infused truffles you can make…Mmm )


Combine cream and corn syrup over medium heat stirring constantly.  Melt chocolate and butter in the microwave–I also did this over the stove top. Melt until there are still a few lumps  but the chocolate is mostly liquid.  Combine the cream mixture with the chocolate mixture and let sit in a bowl to finish melting.  Add brandy and stir till everything is smooth.  Refridgerate for an hour.  I actually let mine stand in the fridge for a day or so.  

Now its time to get dirty.  A little inspriation:

In either recipe you are really just making ganache.  Ganache is really awesome (and there will be future posts on the topic) because at lower temps you can roll them in your hands and make truffles, and at higher temps spread or pipe as frosting, or dip and drizzle it over cake as a liquid that eventually hardens.


Where gloves if you don’t want to get dirty– decorator gloves are best as it won’t contain that powdering latex stuff that disposable gloves sometimes have.  

One at a time toss your truffle into the garish– be it pecans, or unsweetened coaco as I used, or chopped almonds, pistachios…the list is really endless.  



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