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What in the What!

A Vegan Cake for my friend Chrissy’s Bridal Shower in August

Yeah yeah Where the hell have I been!?!? Thats an interesting question. If you were to scour the hot and dirty streets of New York City..I’m reminded of Rent lyrics, I would not be found. Not in the mecca of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s halls or loading docks, not in the any of of 3000 starbucks stores or in a remote spot of Central Park, or dozing on the D train back to the Bronx. I have made my last exeunt New York City, at least as a resident.

View of Columbus Circle from Jazz at Lincoln Center

As of April 9th I pack all of my cherish belongings and left for a place I called home long before, and returned to the Capital Region. I can’t say it was not difficult, mostly just to separate the part of my personality that loved saying “I live in New York” not having to say “City” because with my obvious arrogance I know that you know what I mean.  But really most of us need to leave (home) to be able to return. And the home I escaped to proves now, in a global world– where I talk to my best friend in Texas, more than I talk to my own mom (who lives 5 minutes away)New York isn’t, or at least doesn’t have to be the only place you can make “art.” In fact the grind of New York proves so exhausting, I lift my glass to anyone who spends more time involved in there passion then they do at the restaurant or starbucks where they earn their (exhorbetant) rent money.

Marquis in Frederick P. Rose Hall home of Jazz at Lincoln Center

Once Phil and I started dating, even though we entertained the idea of living in the City, I knew it would never make sense and frankly I didn’t want it to. I’d dread having to make a long drive back to the City feeling the exhaustion overwhelm me, going back to “the grind” and emptiness coming back to my huge and lonely apartment. Its easy to come home from a long day at work if your family is there to meet you. I felt disected like a frog in High School Biology class. Working in New York, but “living” upstate and it was always Albany or Saratoga that I felt my energy return. So it was time.

I had an adventure my last night, working a final shift at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and returning to my car only to find I had no idea where my keys were (I STILL don’t). I ended up having to take the first bus back to Albany 2 hours late to my new job, having only gotten an hour or so of sleep on the Mega Bus. New York can SUCK!! in your first year it will beat the crap out of you– training you like a horse to understand the way it ebbs and flows, and when you try to leave it can stretch its grip…well if you choose to see it that way. Maybe I should just made a better point to put my keys in a zippered pocket of my purse.

View of New York from New Jersey on the Megabus April 9, 2012

ANYWAY in the last 5 months Life’s been GOOD! I’ve made a few cakes mostly for baby showers, attempted to unpack…though we’re still not 100% done, repainted many rooms in our apartment, and finally just finished building a (wait for it….wait for it) walk in closet, and I’ve been trying to chip in by walking the dog so that Phil is no longer the sole custodial parent. Between moving chaos, changing jobs twice, and unpacking and construction the blog fell to the wayside.    I was actually having a craptastic day today, feeling uninspired, until I saw this:

Billy (kind of like my dog Billie) is the former poet laurate of the US, and spoke at my college graduation, I also got to work with him once at a reading earlier on in my careeer. And Billie my dog looks similiar to the animation, though she is a cartoon character of herself all on her own.

Which reminded me of :

My Bill and My Phil

The blog above is actually incredibly popular here in upstate, Matt Baumgartner being a kindred spirit, at least in my hopes and dreams of life. He own 3 highly successful restaurants with a 4th opening soon and lives in NYC part time, a lover of dogs and food and big city life he lives my dream! And his blog aint so bad either. And I just so happen to be running a fashion shoot this weekend for Metroland  The alternative Newsweekly I work for, and we are featuring Matt’s new clothing line…Matt when do you sleep!?!

Howes and Baum

What else? Well Phil and I are starting to put some time into side projects– the projects we long daydreamed about over the phone hundred of miles apart. Heres some of Phil’s work

FireFighters Art

I’m loving pintrest lately–  ESPECIALLY for weddding planning!

OH and one more thing!! for all you crafty lad and ladies out there I’m loving LOVING for classes. I could spend my whole  working day in front of a PC and still come home happily to spend a few minutes (or hours) gettin my learn ON. I’m currently watching/ and working on a “bombshell Dress” course with a “topsey turvey cake” course on the horizon!

AND I’ve been getting all sorts of hits her on my long ignored site, especially on Crock Pot French toast, so for eveyone who had a tough time with their “quick and easy” French toast , I will repost with answers to your questions!!!

Heres some of my most  recent work:

My Bridal Shower Cake…I didn’t bake it or ice it, BUT I staked it and decorated it with 50+ gum paste flowers!!!

Chocolate banana cake with Peanut Butter Frosting Filling and Mocha Frosting…Recipe to come

More cakes and chat to come.

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